Peer review



Single Blind ReviewReviewers are are not known to the author. This is the most traditional and common method of reviewing – and it is the most commonly used in our journal.

Double Blind Review – Both the reviewer and the author remain anonymous.

Open Review – Reviewer and author are known to each other.

Medicina Internacia Revuo articles are selected by single blind review, in rare cases double blind review or open review can be applied. If the manuscript is reviewed by open or single blind review, the reviewers must disclose any conflict of interest, that can influence their judgment.

Detailed description for authors:

  • After manuscript submission – the text is initially checked by one of our editors – to make sure it is suitable for our journal in the most basic terms
  • If the manuscript fits into the journal – the text is sent to two independent, two separate reviewers – not affiliated in the authors institution
  • As mentioned above Medicina Internacia Revuo strives to maintain double blind review process – but in rare cases open or single blind review can be applied
    • In case of single blind review or open review reviewers disclose on paper any conflict of interest that applies to them and the authors (this includes but is not limited to; being kindred to any of he authors, direct scientific cooperation in any way during three years before the review or any subordination between the auhor/authors and the reviewer)
  • The reviewers, after the review provide a special form that clearly states their decision about the manuscript acceptance and/or the conditions for doing so
  • Medicina Internacia Revuo does not provide information about the specific reviewers for volumes, numbers or articles.
  • After the manuscript is reviewed and accepted for publication the authors are given a copy of their work – formatted and prepared for publication to check for any mistakes.
  • The last acceptance by the authors allows article publication

Detailed description for reviewers:

  • After sending the manuscript for review, the redaction awaits four weeks for filled and signed review form, after this time if the reviewers does not provide the review the manuscript will be send to another reviewer
  • If a reviewer knows that he will not be able to provide the review within scheduled time – we urge to send information to the redaction
  • Manuscript may contain added notes or questions for author/s but it has to have also a filled review form attached
  • We wish to thank all the scientist that provide reviews for our journal