No 104 (2015)
Issue Description

Dear Readers,

In fact we were hoping that awarding the UMEA-Shinoda prize once again after a break of 14 years might anyhow stimulate the readiness of medical Esperantists to write publications for our journal right away in Esperanto, because on the other hand many regret the fact very much, that most articles in MIR are published in other languages, only with an abstract in the creation of Zamenhof. We were hoping in vane – which is probably quite understandable, as only few of the colleagues, who are still professionally active, speak Esperanto, and the total number of Esperanto-speaking physicians as such is considerably low. We are absolutely convinced, however, that any medical professional, retired or active, certainly remembers interesting cases or experiences, which might be worthwhile publishing. Interesting examples are printed in this issue of our journal. When we explored the history of medical publications in Esperanto, we found the first article in which Esperanto was mentioned in the prestigious „New England Journal of Medicine“ and which is cited in the international database „PubMed“. The article was written by E. James Lieberman: „L. L. Zamenhof: Dr. Esperanto. N Engl J Med. 1959 Nov 5;261:963-5“. It is a great pleasure for us, that the Esperanto-speaking professor Lieberman, former vice-president of the UMEA during the presidential cycle starting in 1976, was willing to update an important publication on nonviolence from a psychiatric viewpoint exclusively for our journal – in fact not a simple reprint, but an inspiring essay, which is even more up to date now than it was then. The newest article in „PubMed“, that mentions Esperanto, was written by the Israelian professor Avi Ohry: „Sano, kuracado, higieno (health, medicine, hygiene): ophthalmologists and Esperanto. Vesalius. 2014 Winter;20(2):87-8.“ It is a great honor for us, that professor Ohry likewise consented to send interesting articles for our review!
A lot of pleasure while reading wish

Vice Editor-in-chief                                     Editor-in-chief

Dr. Christoph Klawe                                    Associate Professor Włodzimierz Opoka