No 105 (2015)
Issue Description
Dear Readers

With great pleasure we inform you that, thanks to generous and effective work of all members of the Editorial Committee of MIR, on 23 December 2015 the Polish Ministry for Science and Higher Education informed us that it awards MIR 8 points. To understand our great collective success we will explain why we are registered in the so-called “B list” of science journals, which are honored in Poland as important. Notable Polish professors consider all science journals and adjudicate points from our Ministry of Science and Higher Education to scientific journals on the A list having “Impact Factor” (IF), and the B list without IF. Every Polish scientist is judged according to points achieved/received in 2015. We met the following criteria for inclusion in List B:

    • MIR has a home page that presents all information essential for a
      scientific journal
    • All articles published in MIR are easily obtained on the Internet
    • The MIR Editorial Committee includes a minimum of 20% membership
      from other countries
    • In every issue of MIR there are at least two scientific articles that meet
      standard criteria for topical and scientific articles
    • The titles, resumes and keywords of articles published in MIR during
      the last two years are in English
    • MIR is included in three databases (e.g., the Central German Medical
    • The articles are reviewed (edited) by outside editors
      The goals of the MIR Editorial Committee are:
    • Attempt to list our journal MIR in the databases Scopus, CrossRef,
      Web of Science and PubMed
    • Attain more points in the next evaluation of the Polish Ministry of
      Science and Higher Education
    • Raise the number of readers of MIR and thus attain the maximum
      article citations published in MIR—enabling us to obtain an “Impact
    • Publication of MIR quarterly, if financially possible and we have
      enough scientific articles

In addition, we emphasize that the science Editorial Committee of MIR functions in the framework of the oldest historical Polish educational institution, Jagiellonian University, specifically in the Pharmaceutical Faculty, Medical College. In closing, we wish to express our hope that esteemed medical colleagues will send to the MIR Editorial Committee many ineresting articles that we can publish in MIR, maintining its high quality

Vice Editor-in-chief                                     Editor-in-chief

Dr. Christoph Klawe                                    Associate Professor Włodzimierz Opoka