No 106 (2016)
Issue Description


Dear Readers

As loyal UMEA members know, we issued the 106th number of MIR
before the upcoming 20th IMEK, which takes place July 20-22, 2016 in the
Slovakian city Nitra with the theme “Physicians and Internationalism – what
kind of physicians are needed in our century?” This occasion prompts the
question: what is needed for UMEA to evolve along with IMEK and ultimately
MIR? We believe that the rich scientific program of the coming anniversary-
-the 20th IMEK presentation in English, Slovakian and Esperanto, with 19
presentations from 9 different nations–will help meet these requirements.
The planning and organization of the IMEK jubilee, in the tradition of this
arrangement, again provides an example of successful, cordial international
collaboration among physicians, a fine result of unselfish dedication of our
Slovakian colleagues and friends who are hosting us in their hospital.
We hope that the authors of papers will, after presentation, publish results
of their scientific and specialty work in the 107th issue of MIR, which will
appear in December, 2016.

For a successful 20th IMEK we ask our medical colleagues to prepare their presentations in Esperanto and send them to the Editor of MIR.
Concluding this editorial message, we proudly announce that, beginning
with the 106th issue of MIR, the Pharmaceutical Faculty of the Jagiellonian
University Medical College will be co-publisher of MIR. We celebrate this great
honor and are sure that the power of the oldest university in Poland, founded
in the 1364, will strengthen and improve our journal.

Vice Editor-in-chief                                     Editor-in-chief

Dr. Christoph Klawe                                    Associate Professor Włodzimierz Opoka



Barbara Jękot, Aleksandra Rzewińska, Patrycja Hałaszuk, Jacek Rojowski, Bożena Muszyńska
Algae preparations as a source of beneficial healthy substances: Oryg. Preparaty zawierające algi źródłem substancji prozdrowotnych
Agata Hałabuda, Anita Franczak-Young, Łukasz Klasa, Łukasz Wyrobek, Zdzisław Kawecki, Stanisław Kwiatkowski
Arachnoid cysts of Sylvian fissure in pediatric population – difficulties in qualification for surgical treatment
Anna Czopek, Agnieszka Zagórska, Maciej Pawłowski
A review of medications used for treatment of obesity: Oryg. Przegląd najważniejszych preparatów stosowanych w leczeniu otyłości
Katarzyna Sułkowska-Ziaja, Patrycja Hałaszuk, Małgorzata Mastej, Małgorzata Piechaczek, Bożena Muszyńska
Mycosteroles – characteristics and biological importance
Katarzyna Kała, Katarzyna Sułkowska-Ziaja, Jacek Rojowski, Włodzimierz Opoka, Bożena Muszyńska
Tricholoma equestre species as a source of indole compounds and zinc released into artificial digestive juices
Joanna Helena Szelegieniec, Szymon Stanisław Nowak
Sacred and magic – the past and the present of hallucinogenic mushrooms containing psilocybin and its derivatives
Thomas Bohrer, Pierre Carl Link, Michael Schmidt
What is human being? The essential philosophical question as a supplementation of the natural scientific medical education: Oryg. Was ist der Mensch? Die zentrale philosophische Frage als Voraussetzung der naturwissenschaftlich orientierten ärztlichen Ausbildung
Pierre Carl Link
The concept of ‘vitanity’ as an alternative to the concept of humanism in the human sciences. On the necessity for a criticism of humanism based on a psychoanalytical and cultural theory
Ward Kusters
What kind of physicians does our century need? Considerations on the oath of Hippocrates in our time