Vol 30 No 121 (2023)
Issue Description

Dear Readers,

Starting the editorial for this issue of MIR, it is impossible not to mention our unforgettable Honorary President, Dr. Imre Ferenczy of UMEA, who passed away on September 1, 2023. Dr. Ferenczy was born on July 25 1932, and lived in the Hungarian city of Györ. In addition to many tasks related to Esperanto, Dr. Ferenczy was also editor of the Medical International Journal, and often contributed to the journal. Our dear friend Dr. Ferenczy has a very rich biography. This will be featured in a special commemorative article about him because his Esperantist path lasted a full 73 years. We will always remember Dr. Ferenczy as one of the most prominent Esperantist physicians in the history of the Universal Medicina Esperanto Association, since its inception in 1908. During the 63rd Universal Congress of Esperanto (UK), which took place in Varna in 1978, Dr. Ferenczy received the UMEA Shinoda Award for his outstanding leadership in the sphere of Esperanto in medicine. One of the most important highpoints for UMEA was organizing the 1st International Medical Esperanto Conference in Kraków in 1977. Dr. Ferenczy conceived this idea in 1976, with Vladimir Opoka, then a student of the M. Kopernik Medical Academy in Kraków.

In this editorial, I would also like to mention other worthy Esperantists, who have also often contributed to the Medical International Review. I will start with participants of the 1st IMEK, organized within the framework of the M. Kopernik Medical Academy in Krakow in the year 1977. Among these eminent Esperantists were: Dr. Julio Molnár and Dr. Ludovic Molnár (founders of the Budapest Medicinista Esperanto -Specialist group); Ms. Katarina Faragó from the city of Hódmezővásárhely (Hungary); Prof. Kiril Popov (Bulgaria); Dr. Josef Hradil (Czechoslovakia); Dr. Ilona Bikszadi (Hungary); Dr. Eva Boyadjieva (Bulgaria); ans Dr. Giso Brosche (GDR).

MIR was later assisted by Dr. Jose Roiz (Brazil), Dr. Eva Kopecna (Czech Republic), Dr. Masayuki Saionji (Japan), Dr. Kiryu Yasuo (Japan), Dr. Istvan Hegyi (Hungary), and Prof. Keyhan Sayadpour (Iran).

All the current members of the MIR Editorial Committee of MIR play a crucial role in each edition of the journal. Particular thanks must go to Prof. Bożena Muszyńska from Jagiellonian University in Krakow and Jan Lazur (M.Pharm), who introduced a professional homepage for MIR in 2012, through which articles can now be uploaded. Graphic improvements in MIR are thanks to the work of Mr. Jacek Lelek. Dr. Christoph Klawe, President of UMEA, and Deputy Editor-in-Chief of MIR made it possible to introduce such modernisation.  Thanks also go to authors for their contributions, including Dr. Frank Houghton (Ireland), who regularly publishes in the journal, Dr. Trevor Lipscombe (USA), and Prof. Keyhan Sayadpour (Iran).

Now is an appropriate moment to thank all the people who have helped publish MIR in past years - UMEA members are very grateful to you for your dedicated work. If I happen to have missed the name of anyone collaborating with the Editorial Committee of MIR, I apologize to everyone, because it is not possible to write down all of the names.

Next year we will publish 122nd issue of MIR, and next year we will start the 101st anniversary of MIR. We hope that our allies will support the future publication of MIR, and we will in time have the opportunity to celebrate our 105th and 110th anniversary editions of the journal.


Professor Włodzimierz Opoka

Professor Bożena Muszyńska

Doctor Christoph Klawe
Vice Editor-in-Chief