Vol 29 No 117 (2021)
Issue Description


Dear readers

Perhaps not all of you know that in 2008 the 16 th IMEK took place in Krakow organized in honor of the 100 th anniversary of UMEA. The Universal Medical Esperanto Association was founded in 1908 and was initially called the Tuntmonda Esperantista Kuracista Asocio. I would like to reminded you of this important celebration of UMEA, because in 2023 we will celebrate yet another important anniversary: in this year the scientific journal now edited together with the Faculty of Pharmacy of the Jagiellonian University Medical College, namely Medicina Internacia Revuo, will be 100 years old. In the current period, it is not easy to edit a specialist magazine that does not have an "Impact factor" without financial support. Without the financial support of the aforementioned Faculty of Pharmacy, UMEA Shinoda Medical Center and in part UMEA it would not be possible to publish our journal in compliance with all the necessary rules for specialist journals. As you well know mgr. Jan Lazur has created a special system to make it possible to submit specialist articles, which we therefore send to reviewers before this system. On the occasion of the upcoming anniversary of MIR, I ask all medical specialists to support our journal by submitting specialist articles to our MIR Editorial Committee. Of course, it would be great if we would receive articles in Esperanto as well, but in order to continue publishing MIR we also gladly accept specialist articles in other languages with a mandatory summary in English and an Esperanto summary made as needed by the MIR Editorial Committee. Unfortunately, there are now magazines in the world that have a high IF index and demand a lot of money in exchange for accepting revised articles. In this situation, scientists who are evaluated in their workplaces (universities, scientific institutes) according to IF do not want to publish their articles in journals that do not have an IF. This is not a good situation, because if in the near future the evaluation of scientists by IF is not stopped, then it may happen that many scientific journals will be canceled and only those who have IF and have strong financial support will survive. We have so far tried to comply with all the necessary rules to receive an IF, but without regular receipt of specialist articles incl. of UMEA members it will be very difficult to further edit our magazine MIR. At the beginning of 2022, I would like to extend my best wishes to all our authors, readers and members of the Editorial Board, wishing you prosperity in your personal life, good health in the current pandemic period and success in your professional work.

Professor Włodzimierz Opoka Editor-in-Chief

Professor Bożena Muszyńska Vice-Editor-in-Chief

Doctor Christoph Klawe Vice-Editor-in-Chief