Vol 28 No 111 (2018)
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Dear Readers,

Our MIR editorial board took another important step forward to strengthen our revue. Mr. Jan Lazur, who introduced the system which allows to submit articles for MIR digitally, took a great deal of work to adapt all citations of former MIR-editions to the requirements of POL-index, a database of scientific journals, which is very important for academic life in Polland. POL-index strives to collect information on all articles published in Polish scientific publications and citations within them. Based on this information the polish impact factor (IF) is determined, i.e. an important measure of the scientific importance of publications. To receive an IF in Polland certainly would be a great success, which might lead to being acknowledged by other international indexes.

To introduce all articles in POL-index, we ask all our authors to cite used literature according to the so-called ICMJE-recommendations ("Vancouver-Style") from the 112th edition on, so e.g.

Smith M, Kowalski A, Johanson MK. Medicinal activity of Bacopa monnieri. Med Int Rev. 2013; 1(2): 54-62.

To finish this editorial we would like to gratulate cordially to Julinjo Farkas and Ludoviko Molnár, Hungary, who will have the pleasure to celebrate the 50th foundation anniversary of the Medical Esperanto-Group of Budapest in the coming year.

On this occasion, we would very much like to invite new authors to send their publications to MIR, and we will readily accept hints of our readers on how to further improve the quality of MIR.

Professor Włodzimierz Opoka Editor-in-Chief

Professor Bożena Muszyńska Vice-Editor-in-Chief

Doctor Christoph Klawe Vice-Editor-in-Chief


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