Selected eating habits in upper secondary school: Adolescents from the region of podkarpacie


eating habits
nutritional status
rural areas

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Błaszczyk-Bębenek E, Piórecka B, Jagielski P, SCHLEGEL-ZAWADZKA M. Selected eating habits in upper secondary school: Adolescents from the region of podkarpacie. mir [Internet]. 31Dec.2016 [cited 12Aug.2022];(107):107-12. Available from:


Lifestyle determines human diet. Such factors as school environment, aggressive advertising or nutrition fashion affect the diet during adolescence.

The aim of this study was to assess selected eating habits in relation to the assessment of the nutritional status of adolescents in upper secondary school age.
Studies on students, mainly from rural areas, were carried out in the school year 2010. The study included 114 students aged 16-18 years, from upper secondary school with diversified educational profiles in Lesko. To assess the diet a qualitative method, that is, an anonymous food frequency questionnaire (FFQ) of consumption of selected products and beverages, was used. Assessment of nutritional status was based on the interpretation of BMI and WHtR (Waist to Height Ratio) obtained from the students’ anthropometric measurements results.
The statistical significance in the interpretation of BMI in gender groups (p=0.0075) and groups with various educational profiles (p=0.0013) has been observed. On the basis of the interpretation of WHtR the abdominal obesity was more common among girls (18.42%) and students of the secondary technical school of catering (24.24%). Gender was a significant factor differentiating the number of meals (p=0.0221). Eating irregular meals was proven in the study
and the intervals between meals in distinguished groups were up to 4 hours (45.85% of the total). Adolescents from the region of Podkarpacie declared lower frequency of consumption of “fast-food” products. Occurring abnormal eating habits were characteristic for the examined age group. Occurring dietary mistakes did not significantly affect the assessment of body mass.