Natural products in dentistry


natural products in dentistry
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Modern medicine used many methods of treatment; one of them is phytotherapy. It is doc- umented that plants can not only prevent many diseases, but also cure diseases. Main ac- tivities of plant materials used in dentistry are anti-in ammatory, antibacterial, antiviral, decongestant, adtringent, anti-bleeding and regenerating. The natural materials used in den- tistry are mainly in the form of lotions, tinctures, infusions, toothpaste, drops and gels. The most important group of active compounds in dental formulations of natural origin include essential oils, monoterpenoides, phenolic compounds, gums, resins, tannins, avonoids, an- thocyanins, carotenoids, chlorophyll, vitamins, elements such as especially zinc and minerals such as AlK(SO4)2. It occurs naturally and is used for control of bleeding, and as an antiseptic. The ideal antimicrobial agent should be e ective in removing bacteria responsible for the peri- odontal disease process; to have the widest possible range of action, does not cause side e ects and have a prolonged activity in the oral cavity. Accordingly natural products particularly as essential oils and phenol compounds can, ful ll these tasks.