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Doctors of Hope


Doctors of Hope

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Kopciuch M. Doctors of Hope. mir [Internet]. 30Aug.2022 [cited 30Jan.2023];30(118):37-0. Available from:


The Doctors of Hope Association is an organization of public utility, active since 1989, initially as a branch of French charity organizations Médecins du Monde, located in Cracow. Within this structure, the Polish Doctors of the World had their branches in Warsaw, Gdańsk, Wrocław, Cracow and Nowy Sącz. In Cracow they operated already then the free Pharmacy of Donated Medicines, existing since the times of the 1981 communist martial law in Poland. They also organized numerous humanitarian aid convoys, among others to Romania (1989), Lithuania (1991), Kurdistan (1991), Kazakhstan (1992-1997), the countries of former Yugoslavia (1992-1994), Chechnya (1994-1996), Rwanda (1994), the hospital in Ngaoundaye in the Central African Republic (2019) and recently the hospital in Tarnopol, Ukraine (2022).

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