Cordycepin and derivatives in pre-clinical and clinical trials


Cordyceps spp
edible mushrooms
neuroregenerative activity

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Jędrejko K, Muszyńska B. Cordycepin and derivatives in pre-clinical and clinical trials. mir [Internet]. 3Aug.2021 [cited 21May2022];29(116):137–145. Available from:


Cordycepin (also known as 3'-deoxyadenosine) is insoluble in water, organic compound from the group of nucleosides. This copound is produced by entomopathogenic mushrooms: Cordyceps spp The structure of cordycepin and its potential modifications, aimed at improving pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic parameters as well as safety profiles, is an area for further research. It was found that cordycepin shows numerous biological activities and most of them have been demonstrated in in vitro and in vivo studies. Until now, clinical studies (or experiments involving volunteers) have confirmed, that cordycepin or its derivatives presented anti–tumor, immunostimulatory activity and symptomatic relief in multiple sclerosis.