Skin care for people chronically exposed to UV radiation


UV radiation
sun care
sun aging
oxygen free radicals

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Osika G, Wesołowska A. Skin care for people chronically exposed to UV radiation. mir [Internet]. 14Jan.2020 [cited 14Jul.2024];28(113):174–183. Available from:


UV radiation is an environmental factor necessary for the proper functioning of living organisms. However, its excessive amounts carry many adverse changes and serious threats, among others premature aging and malignant skin tumors. In a special risk zone there are people who work outside, dealing with, among others agriculture and construction and also kids. They are people who, due to the high level of UV danger, should use appropriate sun protection in the form of cosmetic preparations with UVA and UVB filters. In addition, it is recommended to include daily care of the skin using cosmetics rich in vitamins C and E, flavonoids, beta-caroten and coenzyme Q10. In addition, the delivery internal supply of compounds with antioxidant activity supports the maintenance of proper and optimal skin protection in people chronically exposed to UV radiation.