Medicina Internacia Revuo

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Vol 30 No 119 (2022)
Published March 16, 2023

Medicina Internacia Revuo is an international journal with a long tradition – going back to 1923. It is an official forum of the Universala Medicina Esperanto Asocio for communicating results and ideas in medical science. The journal publishes reviews, original research papers and expert commentaries within a wide range of topics in pharmaceutical and health sciences. Published articles are written in congress languages with English and Esperanto abstracts. The journal is published twice a year in paper and electronic versions.

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Review publication

Monika Trepa, Katarzyna Jolanta Sułkowska-Ziaja, Katarzyna Kała, Bożena Muszyńska
Mycelial cultures as a model to study the accumulation of medicinal compounds – historical perspective

Original publication

Grzegorz Włodzimierz Mańko, Monika Feliksik
The possibilities of using craniosacral osteopathy after head injuries in kickboxing practitioners.
Monika Fekete, Judit Pako, Katalin Csicsely, Katalin Toth, Monika Szabo, Dorottya Horvath, Peter Balazs, Judit Forrai, Vince Fazekas-Pongor, Gergo Szollosi, Janos Tamas Varga
Interrelations of body composition and quality of life in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: Relationship between body composition and quality of life in COPD
Frank Houghton, Margaret Moran Stritch, Krishna Tamang, Michael Winterburn
Leukocyte and Platelet-Rich Fibrin (LPRF) Therapy & Leprosy:: the Need for Caution and Research Among Marginalised Groups in Low Resource Settings
Mohammadreza Abdolsalehi, Mahsa Khezri, Elmira Haji Esmaeil Memar, Mahya Ghahremanloo, Mahsa Khezri, Sara Zamani, Fatemeh Jalali
A child with Otitic Hydrocephalus
Viktoria Szuts
Life style and structure differences between species of freshwater fish
Daisy Houghton, Frank Houghton
An Examination of Portrayals of Smoking in Noir Graphic/ Comic Novels
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