Dear readers,

some few weeks ago MIR was proposed to be included in the important scientific register and search engine “Scopus” of the publisher “Elsevier”.

Unfortunately after a while the anonymous referee of the selection commission, which consists of international, but mainly English-speaking members, refuzed to accept our revue, as it contains “an uncomprehensive mix of languages” and “no-one, but no-one has adopted Esperanto.”

Scopus offered a simple advice to raise the chance of acceptance at a future trial, which will be possible only after July 2022: simply publish the complete journal and its homepage in English! The editors answered sending a clarifying letter, stating that the referee obviously fell prey to a serious misunderstanding and lack of information: there is good evidence, that round about 2 million speak Esperanto and it is our very mission to use Esperanto in medicine since 1923! Information about these proceedings attracted the attention of many eminent members of the UEA-committee.

They all supported our way of editing and considered these events proof of a serious lack of knowledge in the world of science outside of the Esperanto-movement as perfect impulse for further action. The best proof of the efficacy of Esperanto is doubtless the publication of many articles of high quality in Esperanto! Thus, dear Esperanto-speaking medical fellows: at work!


Published: 2017-06-30