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Vol 27 No 109 (2017)

From the Editor

Beginning with the December issue of MIR our Editorial Committee decided to introduce the new system for submitting articles instead of the current direct submission of articles. That enanbles administration of the content and publication with the so called Open Journal System OJS).

This free administration system was created thanks to the iniciative of the “Public Knowledge Project”, which effectively enables adminstration of the process of submission of articles, its editing for free distribution of published articles. The “Open Journal System” is designed for Open Access journals. This free solution is continually updated and, thanks to that, one can readily enable security of data in the system. In 2015 as a result of that over 32,000 scienti c journals adopted this system. This satis es both readers and authors. Automated form of metadata makes possible indexing in databases, which enables popularization of articles and their increased citation.

Information on article preparation—text, illustrations—that one can submit in the system can be found at

The system enables proposing of reviewers by the authors. Information about responses to editors can likewise be found in the guide cited above.

In all other cases decisions will be made by the board of editors of MIR. In 2018 we will carry on to accept submission of articles directly to the board of editors, but of course we prefer the new system. In our judgment, almost all scienti c journals with “Impact Factor” enable submission of articles in various ways. Because we want to reach the IF, it is certain that the new submission protocol for articles has greater potential for acceptance by the JCR.

Professor Włodzimierz Opoka Editor-in-Chief

Professor Bożena Muszyńska Vice-Editor-in-Chief

Doctor Christoph Klawe Vice-Editor-in-Chief


Published: 2018-02-03

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