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Vol 28 No 110 (2018)


Dear Readers,

These words of our Editorial Committee begin with thanks to all co-workers, whose selfless work brought our science review MIR to a jubilee—as we now publish the 110th issue. On this occasion we heartily thank and congratulate those who help us collaborate so well.

We are glad that our MIR Editorial Commitee is able to work with the Farmaceutical Factulty of the Jagiellonian University College of Medicine, because, as in past occasions this Faculty is the best in Poland from the scientific viewpoint.

Little by little, authors of scientific publications sent to MIR adjust to the new system of submtting articles. It happened that the applied Open Journal System (OJS) developed thanks to initiaton by the “Public Knowledge Project,” works well and enables an effective submission process for our review.

We believe that Open Access for the MIR magazine will increase the number of scientific articles sent to MIR. With this option we are reminded that information regarding preparation of articles, texts, and illustrations to be submitted with this system is at the address and information on responsibility of reviewers is on the page:

Closing these editorial words we ask our esteemed authors and readers to send us any remarks relating to improvent of the quality of MIR.

Professor Włodzimierz Opoka Editor-in-Chief

Professor Bożena Muszyńska Vice-Editor-in-Chief

Doctor Christoph Klawe Vice-Editor-in-Chief

Published: 2018-08-17

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