Med.Inter.Rev. 2016, 107, 76-80.

Pri medicina terminologio en Esperantujo: Recenzo de la Oklingva Medicina Enciklopedia Vortaro (OMEV) de Jozo  Marević

On medical terminology in the world of Esperanto: Recension of the Eight-language Medical Enyclopaedic Dictionary (ELMED)

KLAWE Christoph

Department of Neurology and Neurophysiology, Hospital of the Brothers of Mercy, Nordallee 1-3, Trier,


This articles summarizes briefly the needs of medical terminology and highlights the history of medical dictionaries in the international language Esperanto. The pros and cons of the recently published “Eight-language Medical Enyclopaedic Dictionary” (ELMED) by Jozo Marević are discussed. Peculiar about this book is the fact that it stresses the importance of Latin as mainstay of medical terminology, but contains Esperanto-translations of the medical terms as well. In spite of some considerable flaws the ELMED constitutes a value in itself as an example of the European cultural tradition in medicine. By means of international collaboration the editors will definitely make the second edition a great success.

Keywords: Medical terminology, medical dictionaries, operationalized diagnostics, Esperanto, Latin.

Oryginal language: Esperanto

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