Med.Inter.Rev. 2016, 106, 59-61.

What kind of physicians does our century need? Considerations on the oath of Hippocrates in our time


Flandra Esperanto-Ligo, Institucio Hodler je Frankrijklei 140, B-2000 Antwerpen, Belgio.

As anything else medicine always evolves. Continually new diagnostic tests and devices are being introduced. Today genetic analyses, diagnostic microchips and robot-assisted surgery are in the main focus of interest. From time to time we even not only witness evolutions, but real revolutions. Of course from the moment on when we recognized that not ill-tempered gods or miasms but natural influences and microorganisms are responsible for the cusation of diseases, our way of thinking or the concept of making diagnoses and healing had to change. Over the centuries, however, the same priciples kept on guiding the actions of physicians: balance and respect.

Keywords: Hippocrates, Hippocratic oath, Galen, modern medicine, medical ethics

Oryginal language: Esperanto

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