Med.Inter.Rev. 2015, 105, 198-207.

Nutrition therapy of patients as therapeutical management process


Department of Human Nutrition, Institute of Public Health, Faculty of Health Sciences, Jagiellonian University Medical College, 20 Grzegorzecka str., 30-611 Krakow, Poland

The problem of malnutrated patients in the light of current data requires a comprehensive approach, including proper training for dietitians. Standards for nutritional treatment plans and programs of nutritional therapy do exist. The process of nutritional care according to current standards in many countries is described. It takes into consideration: a) nutrition assessment and evaluation of the risk of malnutrition; b) diet; c) nutritional intervention; d) monitoring and evaluation of nutrition. In this process the evaluation of the nutritional status plays an important role. Anthropometrical examinations were systematized depending on the age of
the patient. Data for the assessment of the nutritional status depending on the age and sex of the patient are presented. The appropriate methods for the measurement of the body height of
bedridden patient are indicated. The demand for energy and nutrients for the sick depend on many factors. It is important that there is no hyperalimentation of a patient. It is helpful in this calculation to take into account, weight, height, age, stress factors and factors of physical activity. Formulas to calculate the ideal body weight are given.

Keywords: Malnutrition, nutritional status, anthropometrical measurements, nutrition care process and model

Oryginal language: Polish

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