Med.Inter.Rev. 2013, 100, 100-106.

Selected medical and social problems of the elderly

Agnieszka Saracen1., Wiesław Fidecki1.

1.Department of Nursing, Faculty of Health Sciences and Physical Culture, University of Technology
and Humanities in Radom


Time definition of this process is very difficult, because the life situation of an individual human being significantly changes its course. In the evaluation of the aging process of the elderly in addition to calendar age, which to a small extent determines the spiritual and physical human efficiency, the biological age and mental state together with the social situation should also be taken into account. The age of sixty five has conventionally been adopted as the lower limit of old age. In the group of people crossing that limit there is a substantial difference in the condition and needs, which to a lesser extent depend on chronological age and to greater extent on other factors. Older people during this period of their lives experience numerous medical and social problems (major geriatric problems, loneliness, ageism).
Keywords: elderly people, medial and social problems

Original language: English

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