Num. 100, June 2013

From the Editor

The editors proudly present the 100th edition of the International Medical Journal (MIR).

Since the foundation of MIR back in 1923 until today the editorial work has been done by volunteers, physicians who invested their spare time and often their own money to make the publication of this journal possible. The high quality of their work needs to be appreciated.

This publication achieved a remarkably high standard during the last few years. In 2012 the quality of the journal was acknowledged by “Index Copernicus” by giving an impressive 4.39 points.

The journal initially appeared in Esperanto only, but the editors later decided to accept articles in any language with abstracts in English and Esperanto.

Because of this important step MIR now provides an international forum for scientists all around the world to communicate with each other even if they do not master English very well.

For the 100th anniversary edition we succeeded to broaden our editorial board by including representatives from four out of the five continents. We hope that this improvement will make it more attractive for all medical scientists around the world to publish in our journal. We are convinced that we will soon find a still missing Esperanto-speaking physician from Africa for our editorial board.

We hope that this international team will succeed to inform the international community of medical scientists about our journal and to stimulate colleagues all over the world to submit original research articles, case reports, reviews or reports about special aspects of the health system in their own countries.

The editorial board believes that quality is more important than quantity, therefore we are going to publish MIR only twice a year and we hope to achieve a higher professional level. It is likely that the number of digital copies, distributed via Internet, will be much higher than the number of the printed copies.

In order to improve the reputation of the journal amongst non-esperantists we applied for acknowledgment of the journal by the NCBI-database, which is responsible for including a journal in the Medline / Pubmed search engines. We hope that this will encourage colleagues to publish in our journal. Our future success depends on the quality of the papers submitted for publication in the next two years.

So do not hesitate to send us articles of your own and to encourage your colleagues to do the same.

Editor-in-chief: Associate Professor Włodzimierz Opoka

Vice Editor-in-chief: Doctor Christoph Klawe

Table of Contents:

  1. Fourty-four years of the Budapest Medical Esperanto-Group
    L. Molnar and J. Farkas (abstract) (full text)
  2. Bilateral optic neuropathy responsive to steroids in a patient with hyper-immunoglobulin-d-syndrome
    C. Klawe and coworkers (abstract) (full text)
  3. Selected medical and social problems of the elderly
    A. Saracen and W. Fidecki (abstract) (full text)
  4. What is “inflammatory bowel disease” & How can it be treated?
    K. Lustyk and J. Sapa (abstract) (full text)
  5. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors – medications not only for depression
    M. Pisańczuk and J. Sapa (abstract) (full text)
  6. Some non-operative ways of cervical spine treatment
    J. Piechowicz, M. Tęsiorowski and coworkers (abstract) (full text)
  7. Cooperation of brain hemispheres
    I. Hegyi (abstract) (full text)
  8. Antiarrhythmic and hypotensive activity of new analogues of theophylline
    J. Sapa, M. Zygmunt and coworkers (abstract) (full text)