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About the Journal

Medicina Internacia Revuo is an international journal with a long tradition – going back to 1923. It is an official forum of the Universala Medicina Esperanto Asocio for communicating results and ideas in medical science. The journal publishes reviews, original research papers and expert commentaries within a wide range of topics in pharmaceutical and health sciences. Published articles are written in congress languages with English and Esperanto abstracts. The journal is published twice a year in paper and electronic versions.

Our Editoral Board is composed of many known and esteemed scientists – what will provide the readers with carefully chosen articles.

Current Editoral Board.

Journal History

The journal was established in 1923 as Internacia Medicina Revuo by the Universala Medicina Esperanto Asocio. The purpose of the journal was to create an universal medical platform to bring together physicians with practical knowledge of Esperanto from around the world. Firstly the journal was edited in Budapest and Lille. Then in 1937 it was moved to Tiba (Japan). Since June 1994 the journal has moved to Poland and continued as Medicina Internacia Revuo.

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