Med.Inter.Rev. 2012, 99, 69-72.

Selected electroanalytical determination methods of zinc in materials of different origins

Magdalena ZAJĄC1., Jacek ROJOWSKI1., Marek SZLÓSARCZYK1

1.Zakład Chemii Nieorganicznej, Katedra Chemii Nieorganicznej i Analitycznej, Wydział Farmaceutyczny Uniwersytet Jagielloński Collegium Medicum, ul. Medyczna 9, 30-688 Kraków


Zinc is a naturally wide spread element, which generally finds its use in industry but also in numerous pharmaceutical, cosmetic and stomatology materials. Taking into consideration its frequent occurrence (in almost all biological materials) and its low quantities, a good choice of analytical method for zinc assay is a necessity. Apart from spectrophotometric methods – especially AAS (Atomic Absorption Spectrometry) which is a method of choice for zinc determination, also electroanalytical methods are used. Most frequently ASV (Anodic Stripping Voltammetry) or Polarography is applied. Despite the need of samples digestion electrochemical methods offer a price convenient method for determination of zinc, even in trace amounts (ppt – parts per trillion). Currently there is also new information about ion selective electrodes suitable for zinc assay.


Oryginal language: English