Med.Inter.Rev. 2012, 99, 60-68.

Old age and suffering in a dimension of beauty and dignity of the human being

Fr. Stanisław GULAK1

1.Department of


It can be said that the it is the most optimistic fact that human being although feels the effect of aging on his body, can have the way of thinking always open on the eternity – what keeps his soul in everlasting youth. We all ­professors, priests doctors, nurses, parents, teachers, and students ­ can build new social conscience about the importance of old. The old that can be understand as the capital of wisdom of our nation, internal guide, living link to the past, guardian for the young people… Modern men living in the world of thousands meanings have to wait many years or even generations to understand what the most important thing to him is… Although old people frequently need physical help from the young they can help the young to find their road through life. Building bridges between new and old generation.


Oryginal language: English